Ultimate aim of the yoga practice is spritual growth rest of all the gains and benefits

are byproduct of the yoga practice. Spirituality is knowing “who you really are” and connecting with something within us. All external tools are leading us to a certain level of the growth (deities, statue, ect…) this all are under ‘upasana’ need mediums or tool but when we reach to a certain level we will leave these kinds of practice and jump to the next level of spirituality just like when the pole vault sportsman leaves his stick when he reaches a certain level of height. Sitting with our self is vipasana yoga which will lead us to the stage when we can enjoy our own company there will be the  beginning of new blissful life. Utimate light is with in us and we should thrive to  light our own lamp and do not seek out for temporary worldly lamps . Yoga will help us achieving this goal and activate the divine light within us.