Yoga is a systematic teaching that plays a very vital role in the comprehensive

development of an individual. It leads us to our physical, mental and spritual well being. Continuous  practice can overcome many limitations of human being.Our main moto is to contribute lots of yoga teachers for raising the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD & spread the bliss in the world.This yoga programme aims to teach yoga within a short period of time. The programme is aimed at individuals who intends to teach Yoga professionally and also who want to learn  or  to deepen their knowledge in Yoga. Our ancient guru’s never try to make lot of followers or students but rather they always try to mould new teachers.We are offering systematic vedic and traditional teachings. We give same importance to spiritual and philosophical  aspects of yoga which include Raj yoga, Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga and Jnana yoga.We will teach in depth on Hatha yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Kundalini yoga.
Students get the opportunity to learn “Yoga therapy” for life style diseases & psychosomatic disorders. A yoga teacher should know these techniques in this morden and busy  world.We try to deliver knowledge which is contributed byPathanjali maharshi (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), Swami Svatmaram (hatha yoga Pradeepika), Sage Gherand (Gheranda samhita), Vivekananda(Raj yoga), Sri Krishna (Bhagavad geetha).